1. Details: 1 lb. 12 in. Striped Bass with a Mepps Aglia Long #2 Rainbow Scale

    A feeding school showed up and caught about 10 of them. One about a pound.


Located in Northern Ohio but have lived and fished throughout the USA and Canada. Lived in the South six times and caught a lot of Largemouth, ...more Stripers, etc. Lived in every state along the Great Lakes. Have really enjoyed salmon in Lake Ontario as well as the great Smallmouth fishing there. The Northerns in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan are just super catches and fishing for large flatheads in the Southern Missouri rivers can't be beat. Just thought I might start posting fishing reports as I go. Don't know why I haven't before. Good luck to all.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Steelhead, largemouth, Northern Pike, smallmouth, and stripers.
  • Waterway Great Lakes, Southern Missouri, throughout the South.
  • Lure Big user of Mepps and Rapala and various frogs.