1. this 60 pounder had 12 pieces of jewerly in its face..capt jim was moving boat,and we thought line was snagged...lol..meanest pound for pound fish i ever caught,,,damn ...more near like gator stickin on escambia river...fishinghotline@gmail.com...lifetime memorys for hire

    Gag Grouper with a spreader bar with butterflied white snapper 4 lbs...60 ft pattys pumpkin mingo boat,,luck and the lords blessing..

  2. big bad bull..capt.dan..king on ballon...live pinfish freelined

    Red Drum with a pinfish

    1. Jesse Wallace 0
      onshore local park...gulf coast at its finest...awesome ball team and park...thank the studers
  3. Sheepshead with a live shrimp and fiddler crabs

  4. N.A.S. old lady lex. dock,and white island...lol...fishinghotline@gmail.com..there were two other fisherman not in pic..we observe all game laws...suggest you do ...more too!

    Southern Flounder with a live finger mullet on carolina rig

    1. Jesse Wallace 0
      sorry mike,the cost of fuel maintenance and tackle has me using granma's old polaroid
    2. Mike A. 0
      suggest you get a new camera!
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  5. 380 ft deep...tuna fishing with capt. jimmy phillips fuggin african pompano...30 years fishing only one i ever seen in panhandle that wasnt in picture...lol...fishinghotline@gmail.com

    African Pompano with a 65 miles south out of pcola...@ THE EDGE

  6. bottom fishing 280 ft with spreader bar rig..penn international ..butterflyed pogie bout 3 lbs...left rod with bentbutt in gunnell..pulled line with left hand...cranked ...more handle with right...after 10 minutes...line went slack grouper pops up like bouy with bladder poking out mouth...100 lb plus class...lol...fishinghotline@gmail.com

    Gag Grouper with a bicyle rigs on commercial boat for snapper..

  7. free lining live mullett on penn 8500...

    Red Snapper with a whole 8 inch mullet

    1. Florida Native 0
      Jesse you are 100%, correct about FWC, I grew up fishing the gulf and now it's not worth the expense of owning a saltwater boat anymore. thanks Florida for ...more ruining recreational fishing
    2. Jesse Wallace 0
      panhandle fishing hotline on facebook
    3. Jesse Wallace 0
      first year we had a season on snapper,,lol,,,juding by foilage...mask was nessacary...lol..im a fisherman not a felon...fla gave all to commercial...lowered our ...more limits..put seasons on fish..better off paying to headboat now..personal gulf fishing cost too much to go offshore and keep a few fish now...god bless america...screw florida...
    4. Mike A. 0
      Thanks Jesse! Nice mask!
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