1. everyone is always talking and bragging about the BIG one they caught , i am included in that as well . but when i caught this little tiny guy that was nearly smaller ...more than the hook i used . not to mention the worm could have ate the fish , , i thought how about showing off the smallest one you have ever caught , i mean it takes as much if not a touch more to catch something that is smaller than your bait or almost your hook , and to keep it on the line and land it ,,,,well now thats something to bragg about as well as a big monster hawg , so com om everyone , lets get a stringer going on our PS , personal smallest , and have some laughs and see those little guys , . C-P-R (Catch - Photo - Release ) Fishing Team, Robbie and Betty Wilkerson . .

    Largemouth Bass with a black shad culprit worm

  2. Largemouth Bass with a storm swim bait

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    2. thank you all for the comments and likes . this big girl was a fun one to get in , but best part was after getting pic , she was released as are all of them , ...more C-P-R Fishing Team ( Catch-Photo-,Release ) Robbie & Betty Wilkerson ,
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      Big one
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      thats a hog
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  3. Largemouth Bass with a Cotton Candy Lizard

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My wife and i have bass fishing flowing through our veins ,we literally wake up in mornings at 4Am to go fishing .....every morning . We want ...more so much to get on circute and join the tourneys . if anyone would like to be . or know of any direction to point us in . sponsers will be our only hope of ever getting our fishing dreams to come true . you can email us @ robbiewilkerson55@gmail.com . Subject . C-P-R ( Catch- Photo-Release) Fishing Team , Robbie & Betty Wilkerson

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Largemouth Bass
  • Waterway Ocklawaha River
  • Lure mostly rubbber worms , lizards, or swim baits , never shiners