1. These are pretty fish. Just not big enough

    1. George Horvath 0
  2. I caught a couple of these. I think they are white perch. 2 were about 7". Whatever that would weigh. And I caught a real little guy when I was just setting ...more up near the ramp by the boat rental. I cast out a rapala perch while I fiddled with a white spoon I was going to troll with. I look up to begin my oaring when I noticed I thought the rapala had caught a stick. It wasn't a stick it was a 2" white perch Ha

  3. Details: 4 oz. 7 in. Yellow Perch


Retired. I love being on the water.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species I would love to catch bigger walleye satisfied with yellow perch
  • Waterway Lake Galena, Nockamixon
  • Lure Mostly spinner