1. I want you to write your favorite speicies to fish for, I would like to post some more stuff that you like other than memes hahaha!

    1. large mouth
    2. catfish , smallies
    3. Mike Horn 0
      large mouth bass
    4. channel catfish, striped bass
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  2. what I send the fish in the pond on valintines day. Hahaha, Click on picture to see it all.

  3. Me when I go to a city pond.

    1. Nice
  4. me teaching my brothers the secret trick!

  5. Ive deffintly done this.

    1. Fish Hunter 0
      Yeah, Got to feed the family.
    2. Here fishy fishy, itโ€™s time for dinner!! ๐Ÿ˜‚
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  6. Or is this the world record?

    1. Fish Hunter 0
      The fish is hanging on a winch. hahaha
    2. How can he hold it up with one hand?!!!?? lol
    3. Wow
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  7. Or is this the world record?

    1. Giant
  8. Is this the world record?

    1. Big one
  9. a Smaller one!

    1. Fish Hunter 0
      Thank you G H.
    2. Fat one
    3. Fish Hunter 0
      It was 4 pounds.
    4. Fish Hunter 0
      Thank you!
    5. john stimson 0
      nice kitty
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  10. Caught a 29 inch striped bass, and 10 or 12, 10 pound catfish over the weekend. Caught them on cut perch and hotdogs.

    1. Fish Hunter 0
      Thank you G H
    2. Nice
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I like to fish for every thing in the nottaway and James river from the little bream and shad to the big catfish and gar. I also fish for every ...more thing in the outerbank from the little croacker and spot to the big sharks and tuna!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species catfish, Bowfin,bass,perch,redthroat,bream, and crappie! Croacker,spot,sharks,sea mullet, and mahi mahi
  • Waterway Nottaway river and james river
  • Lure fish finder rig,beetle spin,worms,wopper plopper, and texas rig