1. mr.crappie jigs are awesome

    Black Crappie with a black chartuese mini tubes

    1. Billy Rowe 0
      I will be fishing from the bank for crappie on sept30 oct1st and oct2nd what kind of jigs do I need?
  2. googan baits helps me a lot with my fishing

    Largemouth Bass with a blazin worm (googan baits)

  3. Details: 8 lb. 7 oz. 184 in. Largemouth Bass with a clickbait

    1. Mark Castle 0
      Sorry state park pass required at certain places around the lake
    2. Mark Castle 0
      No pass needed except for heated dock which requires a dock pass
    3. Clayton shook 0
      do people have to buy a pass or anything to go fishing at hillsdale lake?
    4. dallas waller 0
      it was a hard fight
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i love to fish

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