1. Largemouth Bass

    1. Nick Berick 0
      El Toro poopoo!
    2. Jerry Moffo 0
    3. Allen Mofford 0
      It's not, I busted the screen on my phone and everytime I get on a map it just takes me to the nearest big body of water
    4. Jerry Moffo 0
      That doesn't look like Clearfork reservoir
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  2. Pond bass , been on them heavy since the ice melted

    1. Roman Black 0
      send me a pic i cant find s trailer anywhere on the web
    2. Allen Mofford 0
      It's a blue and black swim jig with a trailer. The trailer is folded up that why it looks so weird
    3. Roman Black 0
      whats that he's eating?
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