1. No waterway! I’m out of fishing for at least 8 weeks🤦‍♀️😪 broken right arm! I miss fishing already! Going to be a long 8 weeks!

    1. Allen Mofford 0
      that really sucks, don't think I've ever gone 8 weeks without fishing. Hope all goes well and hope to see you ripping lips soon
    2. Jamesb Wedor 0
      you do know that is the left arm in the picture?
    3. Ashley Lupo 0
      yea it’s in a cast! unfortunately! I was I was helping insulate a floor an lost my footing caught myself before I took my face out! thank you guys
    4. Sasha Phillipov 0
      that was a pun on cast fishing
    5. Robert Coleman 0
      You still have one good arm Ashley! 😁 That stinks, sorry. The fish will wait for you! Get better soon. 👊
    6. Sasha Phillipov 0
      so your arm is in a cast
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  2. Bait: live minnow

    2 lb. 2 oz. Channel Catfish

    1. Dustin Smith 0
      nice fish
  3. Bait: live minnow

    1 lb. 1 oz. Flathead Catfish

    1. Dustin Smith 0
      we should go wet a hook sometime soon love to fish but not by myself lol
  4. First Time On This Lake! It Is Beautiful! Hopefully Catch Something!

    1. Dustin Smith 0
      let's go fishing at tuckertown dam for some flatheads
    2. Todd DREHER 0
      Ashley Lupo your bloody welcome
    3. Ashley Lupo 0
      yep! you’re right! I don’t know how it changed my selection lol got it fixed thank you Todd😁
    4. Todd DREHER 0
      I wish there was a way to edit. I'm sorry it's supposed to say some people call them yellow cats. Not Come Yellow cats.
    5. Todd DREHER 0
      Ashley. That actually looks like a flathead catfish or some people come yellow cats. But there is a difference between a flat head and a channel cat. A channel cat ...more is a grayish bluish color and being that small to have spots on them. But that is a flat head and even though dorsal fin is different between a flat head and a channel cat
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  5. 5 lb. Largemouth Bass

    1. Bill Brottman 0
      NICE Fish Ashley
    2. Todd DREHER 0
      Not too bloody shabby. From this Scotsman. Lol
    3. Ashley Lupo 0
      thank you Bill
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