1. 10ft pole… well out there. Squid for bait

    Blacktip Shark

  2. Sheepshead

    1. I think I know who's boat your on lol
  3. 38 years of my life, and this was the first fish I ever caught. Ever. And I’ve been fishing a few dozen times before this. My father died a week before this so I ...more was staying at my parent’s place to keep my mother company. Decided to take a long walk up the beach. Took along a fishing pole on a whim. Threw it in on a whim. Ever since that moment you can find me with a fishing pole in hand

    Spanish Mackerel

    1. Robert Spence 0
  4. 17 in. Sheepshead with a Live shrimp

  5. Surprisingly easy fight. Bro just gave up and was like, “Fine, I’ll go with you”

    22 in. Black Drum