1. Caught this cat on cut shad while drifting near the power plant dam.

    2 lb. 11 in. Channel Catfish with a Cut Shad

    1. James . 0
      They catch them at The Little Ridge Park. It's around that area
    2. Brad Howard 0
      How do I get there?
    3. James . 0
      Yeah, its looks like a great spot to hold sandies and crappie!
    4. Abdullah Ahmed 0
      Fishidy claims there are white bass in that area but I didn’t catch any the water is 25-30 feet there and any type of jig or drub baits should work, I personally ...more didn’t catch anything besides that cat.
    5. James . 0
      That's a fat catfish! Is there crappie or white bass at the power plant?
    6. Nice Catch. Check us out @ easttexasanglers.com
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