1. May 13. Caught one small Tucunary and a larger Tilapia on blue/ silver 1/8 oz kastmaster. Had two other strikes that did not hook up.

  2. Standup Costco paddleboard w/ trolling motor, 50 amp hr lifephos battery runs Watersnake 18 lb motor over 6 hrs on low speed. 2.1 mph w/o paddling, 2.8 mph paddling. Variable ...more speed control under seat, foot steering using PVC pipe. Garmin fish finder, rig has evolved and works well

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    2. catfish lunker 0
      Awe !!
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      No, not for sale.
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      Youโ€™re not looking to sell that are you??!๐Ÿคœ๐Ÿค›
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      sweet setup
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  3. May 10, caught two Tucunare on silver blue 1/8 oz kastmaster basin area. Friend caught a Tucunare trolling near bridge by launch area on silver blue kastmaster.

  4. Caught 3 Tucunarys on silver and blue 1/8 oz kastmaster. Fishing is improving.

  5. Caught three Tucunary today, all about 10- 12 inches long. Wahiawa fishing is improving.

  6. Only caught one Red Devil on gold kastmaster.

  7. Costco inflatable paddleboard w/ trolling motor and Garmin fishfinder.

  8. 12.0 in. Butterfly Peacock Bass with a Acme Kastmasters

  9. 14.0 in. Butterfly Peacock Bass with a yellow streamer fly

  10. Details: Wahiawa Reservoir

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Tucanare
  • Waterway Wahiawa Reservoir