1. Check out our new fishing video! The bite was 🔥🔥🔥! https://youtu.be/W0DvhoayRyA

  2. Incredibly huge carps!!!! I feel so lucky:) Enjoy the video:) https://youtu.be/TH5BpXX69z8

  3. Hi, we are live today at 6:45 pm EST! join us for some fishing fun and let's catch some big catfish!!! https://youtu.be/FaDvXe_5ecs

  4. let's find some catfish this evening! Come say hi! I can't wait to hold one! https://youtu.be/daca_YC4Pv8

  5. We are fishing tonight!!! 6:45 EST!!! Let's find those big fish!!! NoReelLoss:) https://youtu.be/UOrmWZknlb0

  6. Just a couple hours until the Live Stream! Let's catch some big ones!!! https://youtu.be/d1E7xY6CSMs

  7. Join us tonight at 6pm (EST) for an epic fishing challenge! Say hi in the live chat and see who will Haz what it takes!!!:) https://youtu.be/UpxnnVhtUws

  8. Hi Everyone! I feel like tonight should be a perfect night for some carps and catfish! Join us for a guaranteed good time together:) See you soon! 7pm (EST). https://youtu.be/Cr76-DdChZE

  9. It is that time of the week! Watch us in Georgetown DC trying to catch some catfish! Big or small, we will enjoy any of them:) Noreelloss! https://youtu.be/FGRX2VSNrD8

  10. This evening 7pm EST!!! Catfish and carps on the menu:) Come join us for some fishing with No Reel Loss!!! https://youtu.be/_tViDq-E_WM