1. Has anyone ever caught anything on a savage gear 3D bat. Bought one for 5 dollars!!

  2. Does anyone have any good tips for catching striped bass in cloudy water??! In the morning I can see them eating fish on the surface but I can’t catch them for anything ...more lol it’s frustrating 😆

    1. Aldo Rosado 0
      Striped Bass prefer rapid running current and for this very reason at Bartlett's Ferry Dam when they generate water the siren goes off warning boaters that ...more the water is fixing to drop. When this happens it is called the "Dinner Bell", the striped bass show up in a bus like seriously feeding on the little fish that can't fight the current All you need is Ratlle Trap 1 oz. Chrome and have at least 20 lob. test line your gonna need it. Chartreuse Jigs the big 8 inch ones are also deadly.;
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    3. Tim Crowley 0
      Caught one tonight. I use green pumpkin a lot or a white/green Shad color.
    4. catfish lunker 0
      Thanks George and Tim
    5. George Horvath 0
      Try a yellow Bomber
    6. catfish lunker 0
      Thx man so much I don’t know what color to use but maybe white if their eating shad
    7. Tim Crowley 0
      Rubber 5” Keitech (Swing Impact, Easy Shiner) or similar brand.
    8. catfish lunker 0
      or a jointed hard swim bait
    9. catfish lunker 0
      What do you mean by swim bait? A soft plastic paddle tail or a jointed swim bait
    10. Tim Crowley 0
      I usually try to land a large topwater or swimbait as close to surface action and as fast as I can. I don’t fish for stripers but when I see them hitting I always ...more have a rod ready next to me.
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  3. Northern Pike with a panther martin spinner

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  4. Brown Trout with a night crawler

  5. Did anyone ever catch catfish on the Maurice river

  6. Does anyone know of a good spot to catch catfish below the union lake dam on the Maurice river???? Thx !!

    1. Alfred Crudele 0
      The grain elevator used to be a catfish hotspot. Behind the trailer park, and As pen rd, near laurel lake too.The water may have to warm up some for them, but my ...more sons caught a few in the Tuckahoe
    2. catfish lunker 0
      or for white perch maybe
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  7. Details: 1 lb. 15 oz. 15 in. American Pickerel with a Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnows

    1. catfish lunker 0
      he bit right close to the bank where there was reeds right under water
    2. catfish lunker 0
      caught at rainbow lake
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  8. Details: Lunker Bass Hangout