1. Has anyone ever caught anything on a savage gear 3D bat. Bought one for 5 dollars!!

  2. Does anyone have any good tips for catching striped bass in cloudy water??! In the morning I can see them eating fish on the surface but I can’t catch them for anything ...more lol it’s frustrating 😆

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    2. Tim Crowley 0
      Caught one tonight. I use green pumpkin a lot or a white/green Shad color.
    3. catfish lunker 0
      Thanks George and Tim
    4. George Horvath 0
      Try a yellow Bomber
    5. catfish lunker 0
      Thx man so much I don’t know what color to use but maybe white if their eating shad
    6. Tim Crowley 0
      Rubber 5” Keitech (Swing Impact, Easy Shiner) or similar brand.
    7. catfish lunker 0
      or a jointed hard swim bait
    8. catfish lunker 0
      What do you mean by swim bait? A soft plastic paddle tail or a jointed swim bait
    9. Tim Crowley 0
      I usually try to land a large topwater or swimbait as close to surface action and as fast as I can. I don’t fish for stripers but when I see them hitting I always ...more have a rod ready next to me.
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  3. Northern Pike with a panther martin spinner

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    2. George Horvath 0
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  4. Brown Trout with a night crawler

  5. Did anyone ever catch catfish on the Maurice river

  6. Does anyone know of a good spot to catch catfish below the union lake dam on the Maurice river???? Thx !!

    1. Alfred Crudele 0
      The grain elevator used to be a catfish hotspot. Behind the trailer park, and As pen rd, near laurel lake too.The water may have to warm up some for them, but my ...more sons caught a few in the Tuckahoe
    2. catfish lunker 0
      or for white perch maybe
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  7. Details: 1 lb. 15 oz. 15 in. American Pickerel with a Storm 360GT Searchbait Minnows

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      he bit right close to the bank where there was reeds right under water
    2. catfish lunker 0
      caught at rainbow lake
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  8. Details: Lunker Bass Hangout