1. Guadalupe Bass with a Spinner Bate

  2. Trophy catch 7 foot/70 pounds

    Wahoo with a Live Bait on Charter

    1. Sasha Phillipov 0
      K why i would recomend a charter called fish city pride
      and it had a nice mate too
    2. Patrick Langlois 0
      @sasha - not one that I'd recommend...
    3. Sasha Phillipov 0
      What Charter?
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  3. Large Mouth Bass with a Spinner Bait

  4. Details: Jonestown Park

    In between two boat ramps

  5. Large Mouth Bass with a Spinner Bait


New to Lake Austin as well as Texas... all about catch and release and having a good time! Trying to find the good spots... thanks for sharing!