1. Smallmouth Bass

    1. Joshua Easton 0
      Thanks Robert, he did well that day! outfished me
    2. robert click 0
      fine catch young man!
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  2. Late posting this. Fished Presque Isle Bay while in Erie in August for two weeks with my wife. Got into the Sheepshead. Many throw them back or throw them on ...more the bank which banking them to me is ridiculous. They taste great if you do them right. The largemouth I kept only because it swallowed the hook I was using. This was only being out an hour and a half before a storm came.

    1. T Sen 0
      Agreed. When I was stationed at Ft. Hood, we caught a few. We didnt know what they were, but after the 3rd one, started keeping them, turned out pretty good👍
    2. James . 0
      Nice load of em drum! I love them too, I don't know why people hate em.....
      Well good catch!
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  3. Mill Creek Lancaster Pa.

    1. James . 0
      Nice LMB
  4. Mill Creek Lancaster Pa.

    1. Scott S 0
      That's a nice smallie...nice job😎
    2. James . 0
      Nice SMB
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  5. Mill Creek Lancaster Pa.

  6. Mill Creek Lancaster Pa.

    1. James . 0
      Gotta love those creek smallies!
    2. James . 0
      That is a good one
    3. Joshua Easton 0
      Thanks! He did well! Blessed he loves this sport at the age he is
    4. Robert Coleman 0
      That's awesome! Looks like he did pretty well that day! 😁👍🏻
    5. Joshua Easton 0
      thanks Robert! He was estatic. He is 12 and picked up the love of fishing quick. Same with hunting, he did well on doves outshot me
    6. Robert Coleman 0
      Nice Smallie! 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻
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  7. Mill Creek Lancaster Pa.

  8. Went to Mill Creek in Lancaster off of Lincoln Highway with my boy yesterday since he was off school. Was catching dinks there but further downstream we got into ...more the bigger ones. He got 10 I got 8. Medium and large shiners free lined every time.

  9. Mill Creek Lancaster

  10. Mill Creek Lancaster


Love fishing since I was just a kid. Over the years I found even on the slowest day or getting skunked it still beats the beat day not being ...more on the water. Bass, small and largemouth, catfish, inshore and offshore saltwater fishing, love it all. Used to be a die hard trout fisherman but lost aome intrest in it but getting the desire to go hit some wild browns with the fly rod. Love teaching my step son and going fishing with him.