1. Does anyone know what the bottom consists of, around the 56th Street bridge? I know there's rock underneath the bridge, but I'm not sure what happens as ...more it drops to deep water on each side of the bridge.

  2. Okay. I'm seeing all these posts about people fishing Eagle Creek from the bank. Where are y'all fishing from? The only spots that I know of are Lilly ...more Lake (which is over fished) and near the Marina (which always has a ton of people there). Where else can my son and I fish from the bank???

    1. Gershom Davis 0
      Thanks everyone!! We will definitely try these spots!!
    2. Richard Hudson 0
      You can also fish at the boat ramp area just North of Rick's Cafe. You can pay $5 to have access to the ramp parking lot, or next to the exit gate of the ramp ...more lot there is a parking lot you can park in for free. From the most North ramp there is an area with benches you can fish from. At the Northern end of this area there is a path you can take that will take you on around the bank away from the boat ramps. You can also fish from the bank down around the canoe/kayak launch area. I have caught some nice catfish in this area.
    3. Scott S 0
      You can fish along the bank at 56th Street bridge. There is a parking lot on the north side after you cross the bridge heading west on 56th St. I've caught several ...more nice bass in this area from the bank
    4. Richard Hudson 0
      Down by the North gate there is a road that leads to the bird sanctuary. You used to be able to drive down it, but as far as I know it is closed off by a gate. You ...more can park your car at the gatehouse lot and walk down the road and have access to fish the bird sanctuary, Eagle Creek, and the North end of the reservoir if you follow the path between the creek and the sanctuary.
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