1. I caught so many today in the heat... it was literally 105 degrees today I was out on the boat and came across a huge school of these sandies they were gobbling ...more up shad so I used live shad, caught like 70 fish I threw some back as well!!! Lake Lavon is on fire!!!!

    White Bass with a Live Shad

    1. Jimmy Perez 0
      You can catch shad with a cast net
    2. Steve Cumstay 0
      New to Texas, where do you buy shad around Levon lake?
    3. Cat Slayer 0
      Okay that's perfect, There is a lot of White Bass in deeper water around Little Ridge Park. Good luck catching em!
    4. Anita Crawford 0
      JUst a little Jon boat with a trolling motor.
    5. Cat Slayer 0
      Anita Crawford, Do you have a boat? Because You need to reach the deeper water, that's where they are.
    6. Cat Slayer 0
      I was on the boat around the point at Little Ridge Park by the Power Plant.
    7. Anita Crawford 0
      Would you care to share where you caught them on Lavon?
    8. Anita Crawford 0
      Would you care to share where you caught them on Lavon?
    9. Cat Slayer 0
      I cleaned them and stored the fillets in the freezer so much fish!!!!
    10. Brad Howard 0
      do you eat all you catch?
    11. Cat Slayer 0
      Feel free to ask me questions, I will give you tips and tricks!
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  2. My first Largemouth bass of Lake Fork and its a solid

    5 lb. 24 in. Largemouth Bass with a senko

    1. James . 0
      That thing is FATTTT
    2. Cat Slayer 0
      Walter Thatcher, spawning season has ended I think its just full of food like shad, crawfish, and frogs.
    3. Walter Thatcher 0
      Alright nice one with eggs
    4. Cat Slayer 0
      Thanks Robert Coleman,... yeah This is my first bass and first fish out of Lake Fork, I didn't expect my first bass of Lake Fork to be this big!!! Lake Fork ...more the best!!!!!!!!
    5. Robert Coleman 0
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  3. I caught these Flathead Catfish midnight fishing and they were really on! They were weighing in around 28 pounds

    28 lb. Flathead Catfish with a live shad

    1. James . 0
      Any bank spot in the summertime, but night fishing is usually the best in summertime for big catfish. Points, rocks, and docks are all good.
    2. Steve hammonds 0
      Where is the best bank spots for the catfish on Ray Hubbard?
    3. James . 0
      I think I actually know where this is, It looks like it is the Chaha boat dock, I always use to catch big blue cats there, I can share the address with you?
    4. Jay Terleski 0
      Nice fish, shallows? Any hint where?
    5. Jay Terleski 0
      Nice fish, shallows? Any hint where?
    6. James . 0
      Those Flatheads are pretty big for Ray Hubbard, I have never seen that big of Flats at Ray Hubbard. 3 flatheads and big ones nice!!!!!
    7. Bradley Murine 0
      I love to catch flats they fight and look awesome I had one stick himself into a bank before ended up loosing that one still was a fun half hour though I usually ...more use a slip bobber rig and a slip sinker rig when I go out for cats
    8. Alexx Tonubbee 0
      I’m new to fishing and I still haven’t caught any fish. not sure what I’m doing wrong lol
    9. Cat Slayer 0
      Feel free to ask me any questions, I will give you tips and tricks on how I caught these, what rig, what setup, and where I caught these.
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  4. Caught 4 White bass and 1 Freshwater Drum at White Rock Lake in front of the dog park in Dallas TX

    13 in. White bass and Freshwater Drum with a Minnows

    1. Cat Slayer 0
      Jesse Chavez, You are right, there were many sandies back then at white rock, but now the population has gone pretty low, I came across a decent school of these ...more I caught like 15 decent ones I let 11 go and only kept 4.

      Thanks for sharing.
    2. Jesse Chavez 0
      we used to catch those big sandies back in the 80s . they were mixed in with the crappie during the winter run in the creek . they were also in that size range . ...more the strange part is it wasnt every winter that some would be caught
    3. Cat Slayer 0
      what ??? I think the coordinates are wrong or something went wrong, but I caught these at White rock lake in front of dog park.
    4. Brad Howard 0
      Your "View On Map " is sending me to Lake Lavon.???
    5. Cat Slayer 0
      White bass are pretty uncommon at White Rock, but luckily I came across a few! With a bonus drum.
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  5. Caught these three monster channels from the bank at Lake Park on Lewisville

    12 lb. 29 in. Channel Catfish with a cut bluegill

    1. James . 0
      Wow those are some Fat Fat channel cats. Lewisville Lake got some pigs.
    2. Cat Slayer 0
      Well..... The last time I went to lewisville dam was in March I think they have reopened , but have you tried (Lake Park) that's were I caught these beasts ...more let me give you the address of Lake Park lewisville ( 600 Sandy Beach Rd, Lewisville, TX 75057 )
    3. Austin Lawler 0
      Last time I went Lewisville damn it was closed due to covid or some shit. Have you been recently? Dis they reopen?
    4. Cat Slayer 0
      Thomas Pete i used cut bluegill
    5. Cat Slayer 0
      You can also try LLELA it is the Lewsiville dam pretty good there too, But $5 entry fee,...... but its worth it
    6. Cat Slayer 0
      Austin Lawler (Lake Park) it is at Lewisville really good fishing there went couple days ago
    7. Austin Lawler 0
      Dude, I've been all over this lake looking for a good consistent catfish spot. Do you know of any reliable cat spots?
    8. Thomas Pate 0
      what did u use as bait
    9. Cat Slayer 0
      Pretty big channels for Lewisville Lake aren't they, feel free to ask me any questions, I will give you tips and tricks on how to catch these beasts.
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  6. Caught many of these slabs at Tickey creek park

    2 lb. 15 in. White Crappie with a Minnow

    1. Cat Slayer 0
      Brad Howard I caught these at (Tickey Creek park lavon) on bobber and minnow setup... fishing at night around 10 pm with night lights
    2. Brad Howard 0
      would love To know where and how
    3. Cat Slayer 0
      Feel free to ask me any questions, I will give you tips and tricks on how to catch these slabs on Lake Lavon
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  7. I caught a 25 inch blue catfish at the point at clear lake park

    10 lb. Blue Catfish with a cutbait

    1. Cat Slayer 0
      I can share you the map picture of this spot????
    2. Cat Slayer 0
      Brad Howard The point is at where the RV parkings are. Very big catfish there I'm talking 10+ pounders!!!!
    3. Brad Howard 0
      where is the point?
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