1. anyone fished last weekend for large mouth small mouth or striped bass and what kind of bait to use use because i have a tournament in the 3rd week of September ...more here and last season for me was not good only caught 6 fish total out of all of the tournaments from table rock to lake of the ozarks.

    1. riley keithley 0
    2. Scott Sexton 0
      the dam is a pretty good area , but it’s very clear water. If you like fishing deep and ultra finesse it’s the place to be. The two river systems the kings and the ...more James usually have more stained water, it’s a little easier to get bit down in the rivers
    3. riley keithley 0
      what about at the dam
    4. Scott Sexton 0
      a shaky head worm around bluff ends or rocky points around the mouths of major creeks can be good in September
    5. riley keithley 0
      we have to weigh i at table rock state park
    6. Scott Holland 0
      Sorry I meant long creek where Bass Pro Marina is.All of our Toyota Tournaments Blasted off from there.
    7. Scott Holland 0
      If your in a tournament, I doubt you want striped bass.I think you mean spotted bass or Kentucky spots.I have good luck going south and fishing Long Branch area ...more and farther south into Arkansas but that might be to much of a run for you.
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  2. my grandpa and friend don wells they have qualified for the crappie masters tournament in Louisiana if you all would wish him luck to win because he wants to win ...more badly

  3. dont remember where the lake is at in Mississippi but my grandpa( wade pearce )and his buddy ( don wells )

    Black Crappie with a minnows

  4. i have never been to stockton where are the spots that are where the bass are spawningand what kind of bait because me my grandpa and my friend are going to be fishing ...more there for the clever youth fishing team

    1. Jimmy Ball 0
      Fish spawn in the spring
  5. hey i was wondering where is he best spot around the kimberling city places where are the bass spawning at

    1. Scott Sexton 0
      nice,good luck. a zoom trick worm on a shacky head also works good there . either watermelon seed or green pumpkin seems to get bites there
    2. Scott Sexton 0
      all the big marinas are good starting places, there are a lot of tournaments that take out of them and usally release a lot of fish at them and the boat docks around ...more them always hold fish
    3. riley keithley 0
      or any good spots
    4. Scott Sexton 0
      you won’t find any spawning in September on table rock , this time of the year they are primarily on deep main lake points and look for bluff ends. Pete Weiners ...more puts out a great fishing report for the whole lake. look online for his reports, they are spot on
    5. riley keithley 0
      in the fall it is in september
    6. Scott Sexton 0
      in the spring check the pockets of the James River, there is a lot of tournament won there when they are spawning
    7. riley keithley 0
      because i have a fishing tournament
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