1. Caught 20 of the nice sunnys at peir Marquette lake

    1. Bradley Murine 0
    2. Scott S 0
      That's a nice one
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  2. Bigger gobie got this monster fresh water drum aka Michigan sheep head

  3. Little smaller gobie little smaller catch

  4. Got this Lake Michigan large mouth on a fresh caught gobie.

  5. Mr balboa now has some competition. This 11 point looks real nice. We got a few mature bucks to choose from

  6. Just a little 9 point. He will be a wall mount in 2 years

  7. Taking out the small fry

  8. Mr. Balboa showed up this week. Need to put this guy on my wall

  9. Drifting stone fly

    Chinook/King Salmon with a FishUSA Clark's Stonefly - 2 Pack

    1. Bradley Murine 0
      and when you have a son it’s hard to tell them that big fish has to go back
    2. Bradley Murine 0
      smoked salmon is what there good for
    3. James . 0
      Nice, but that fish looks spawned out, After they are spawned out they are not good eating.
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  10. Drifting a black stonefly with 1/2 ounce pencils weight and 50” fluorocarbon leader

    Chinook Salmon with a FishUSA Black Stonefly Nymph - 2 Pack