1. 8 lb. 7 oz. 25.0 in. Yellow Perch with a warm

  2. Details: 19.0 in. Northern Pike

  3. Details: 16.0 in. Northern Pike with a warm

    cought the Pike, the rest were yellow perch, fought our limits on yellow perch.

    1. Dory Myers 0
      had a great day with a buddy from work
  4. Details: 8.0 in. Yellow Perch with a warm

    fished in the same spot for 2 days, cought our limit, with the family. The kids had a blast.

  5. Details: 6.0 in. Black Bullhead Catfish with a warm

    really mossy, couldn't use a lure or it would snag

  6. nice cool day, slight drizzle. 30 to 40 feet out . bobber and minnows. cought 4 keepers . my kids love this place...

    Largemouth Bass with a minnows