1. Hi everybody, I’m moving to the greater Asheboro area sometime this fall. I currently live in Norfolk VA. I want to get back into freshwater fishing. I have an ...more ultralight setup with 2 lb test, a mid setup with 6 lb. test, and a heavily mid with 10 lb test. I also have a saltwater rig that I can setup with 12 lb.+. I’m coming over to Ramsuer to my sister in laws house mid July. So if anyone reads this and can give me some tips of where I should go to fish from the shore, what I should expect to catch and what rig you think I should use. In the past I start off with my 6 lb. set and go up or down from there. All of my freshwater equipment are spincasters. I have a Mitchell 308 and 3 Mitchell 300s.
    I appreciate any help you can give.

    Thank you
    Steve T. 68 years old and retired!