1. We were back at the lake last night, and my husband caught this big fish and we aren't sure what type of fish it is. It is very shiny silvery-gray with a whitish ...more belly. We would appreciate anyone who can identify this big boy and let me know in comments what it could be. I also caught me 2 catfish last night the fist a 2-3 lb channel cat and another Big Blue mama!

    Unknown with a Catfish hook

    1. thank you for the info 🙂😌
    2. KM Anderson 0
      freshwater drum
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  2. This Flathead was caught by my husband, Mr. Joseph Culpepper. He has been the one has re-introduced me back to a leisure sport I have loved since childhood that ...more I was unable to enjoy with my late husband who passed December 2018, he did not like the sport of fishing. But by the grace of God, and after a few trials, I was BLESSED with a soulmate kind of love and a man who loves to be at the lake fishing just as much as I do! He has refreshed my memory and taught me a few new tricks and skills. Please give him a warm welcome to this wonderful Fishing Community, my very own Mississippi Boy!

    Flathead Catfish with a Catfish hook with shrimp bait

  3. I caught this big ol' gal on an old Zebco rod and reel, using just a hook and bait shrimp. She was caught August 9, 2020 around 1:30 A.M. Weighing in at roughly ...more 5 pounds, and length roughly at 2 feet! My biggest catch so far this season! And she was a pleasant fighter!

    Blue Catfish with a Catfish hook

  4. This summer has been my first year back in the water as an angler. I haven't been fishing since I was about 20 and living in NY. My second husband Joseph Culpepper ...more is an avid fisherman and he was happy to take me to the water's edge to a beautiful lake I knew about here in Russellville/Franklin County AL. This beauty was my second 'big' cat caught on his 'lucky' rod! She was a fighter and a delicious meal

    Blue Catfish with a Open Reel Rod

    1. Dominic Smith 0
      hell ya my wife caught her 1st blue cat also couple days ago. good job
    2. caught July 16, 2020
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  5. Caught while at the lake with my husband, my second trip fishing this season, and she was a fighter! We aren't exactly sure on her exact statistics, but Joe ...more said she weighed approximately 6 [had to retract that, I was a bit off!] pounds and length unknown. She was my second catch for catfish, and my biggest at that time. I love the fight when you got one on the line!

    Blue Catfish with a none

    1. photo-bombed by my golden kitty Jackie!


I am an amateur fisher-lady, till this past spring, I had not been fishing in 22 years! My new husband has been a blessing from God and like ...more me LOVES to be out on the lake drowning some worms! A Yankee by birth, now a Southern Lady. Been a resident/citizen of Alabama for nearly 17 years, and having a grandmother who was born in Mississippi, I have roots that came from the south! I am glad that this country Yankee gal was able to 'hook' herself such a wonderful good ol' Mississippi boy, my grandma a native of Gulfport MS would be proud!

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