1. This was my wife’s first walleye and she caught it on 4 pound test she did awesome can we please give her some votes

    18 in. Walleye with a leach

    1. Frank Bedra 0
      Thats really cool, on 4lb test line... wow nice catch !
  2. Chinook Salmon with a Spoon

  3. Chinook Salmon with a Spoon

    1. kasen kasen 0
      i belive u though nice one
    2. kasen kasen 0
      i belive u though nice one
    3. David Wagner 0
      Thank You for the comments some people just don’t get it just because they have to photoshop there pictures don’t mean the rest of us do
    4. Erich Senft 0
      dude nice fish. anybody that thought that wasn’t really hasn’t caught a shiny early season King like that before. it’s reserved for the hardcores :)
    5. Matthew Goetz 0
      great catch. I hope to get to Manistee for some Chinook like that soon
    6. David Wagner 0
      I will post another picture
    7. David Wagner 0
      it definitely is not photo shopped I would not cheat like that. That’s would be poor sportsmanship.
    8. kasen kasen 0
      dont want to be a negative nancy but that looks photo shopped if not great catch
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  4. I was the only one smart enough to bring leeches. It was the only thing they would bite on.

    Yellow Perch with a Leach