1. I saw him jump out of the water so I cast my yum yum worm by the area and BAM he hit the worm moments later he was in the boat. Really took the worm into the gullet. ...more

    Had another 10 minutes later even bigger on the line all the way the way to the boat but lost him had the net in the water right there to. Urg. Two more on thirty minutes later. Just not my day.

    But hey first boat and first time out with the boat working things out with my wife Terri and I. All and all a successful day. Except when we tried to bring the boat in and one of the bunks came off. Fixed it in the parking lot, but now we’ve got to replace them. Rotting wood.

    Boat on the other hand ran great. $500 bucks for a Lund with a 50 hp it floats no leaks. Boo ya! 40 years old. Anyways, we have to shake the rust off 20 years is a long time since we’ve had a boat.

    Thanks for reading hope to have more fish to show.

    1. Ashley Duyser 0
      Thank you Jim
  2. Comedy of errors. I got the bait recommended to me by “Dan” a nice stranger. I twisted my ankle yesterday so today I went to the boat landing where there is a flat ...more pier to limp to. I was slip bobbing a leach and casting Dan’s recommendation. It was overcast starting and the sun came out and pow! That blue worm got hammered. So much so my 2- piece rod came apart right after the strike. Reeling in the bass and my rod tip together was a sight to watch I’m sure. However he was soon landed with the help of my Fraybill net. I would like to add that I am fairly new to inland fishing and this 2-1/4 lb. largemouth is my best so far. Average for most of you but a delight to me. Thanks Dan and the Man upstairs for my special day, Ashley.

    Largemouth Bass with a Blue Yum yum worm

    1. wayne lensert 0
      go 4 the giants 5-star action
    2. Ashley Duyser 0
      Thanks guys , wish I had a boat. Any recommendations on shore spots?
    3. wayne lensert 0
      yummy yummy
      yumy yumy
    4. Terri Duyser 0
      Sam you batter them up and deep fry them and yummm
    5. Terri Duyser 0
      Sam you batter them up and deep fry them and yummm
    6. Sammy B Good 0
      You eat bass? Yuck! How do you cook them?
    7. Terri Duyser 0
      nothing like a little excitement when trying to land a fish. nice job Ashley. now go catch som more.
    8. wayne lensert 0
      lookin good now for some monsters
    9. Mike A. 0
      Nice fish, better story! Congratulations Ashley.
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  3. I have to say it was loads of fun, she fought like a Dog- lol. You can see she was quite long and at least 3# I didn’t weigh the fish.

    Bone/Dog Fish with a Live Bass minnow

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  • Species Bass
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