1. I’ve been no catch for 20 years. Today I started with a walleye, too small to keep and a short time later my worm got hammered by a 4lb. Large mouth bass. How awesome, ...more my largest inland catch. I can’t wait to catch more monsters, what a great day!

    4 lb. 18 in. Largemouth Bass with a Yum yum worm

    1. wayne lensert 0
      great catch young lady-keep it up
    2. Ashley Duyser 0
      Nice catch babe
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My partner and I love fishing sadly it’s become more difficult without a boat. As the years have gone by there has become less place to fish ...more from shore. When I’m not fishing I’m usually gardening or photographing nature. When Ashley, my partner, is not fishing she, hitting a little white ball around the golf course. Some day we hope to have a fishing boat. For now we keep trying to locate a place to fish from shore. Any ideas?!

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Bass, walleye and various pan fish
  • Waterway Suggestions would be welcomed
  • Lure Open for suggestions

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