1. Northern Pike with a Bucktail

    1. Nice catch!
  2. Northern Pike with a Bucktail

  3. Caught it in a kayack and almost tipped the kayak over! It was 30 inches

    Northern Pike with a Bucktail

  4. Good fighter

    Northern Pike with a Bucktail

  5. Details: 12 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Bucktail

    Caught it while trolling in kayak

    1. Jane Melchior 0
  6. Fighter, snapped the line while we were getting the hook out. That’s was my little brother who caught it out of a kayak.

    6 lb. 23 in. Northern Pike with a Brown Bucktail

    1. Jane Melchior 0
    2. Kyle Watry 0
      I almost tipped the kayak over while reeling it in!
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  7. Details: Black Crappie, small panfish, and small rainbow trout with a Many different flies and a rapala small floater

  8. Details: 1 Brown Bullhead Catfish, 4 yellow perch, 7 sheephead with a Slip bobber with worm

    Catches spread out over 3 hours

  9. Details: Walleye, white bass, sheephead

    4 walleye, 2 white bass, 2 sheephead while trolling

  10. Cousin caught northern about 400 yards off the dock. It was a small, but fun to fight he said. Lots of weeds around.

    Northern Pike with a Hook and worm


Love fishing. Hope to possibly do professional bass fishing when i get older.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, musky, northern pike
  • Waterway shawano lake and lake winnebago