1. They came threw n bit for me again, not till it started hailing tho then it hailed crappie for bout two n half hrs

    1. Tracy Lynn 0
      well theres ole king crappie!! I mean it takes a lit of hard work and can really exhaust you if you chose to remain in waders on bank shore while hail passes thru. ...more No wonder you call it a full days work🤔🤔 maybe I really just didnt understand how a guy could fish and make his own living. Not a pre packaged pension allotted to you by an actual veteran or anything. Hell just like fishing is to pay going to not only feed us its gonna earn ya a pay check like an honest man does that pays the bills and maintain the house hold. oh wait...nah ur sooo right nothing and or noone is worth the effort. Dueces to you and your choice to become an undoubtedly unattractive person that you allowed yourself to become and now have the audacity to think for one minute that I dont see right thru you and that your ideas of inflicting unnecessary drama and pain are what u thrive on. therefore I'm able to see the little boy that well....just cant get past his childhood traumas without inflicting pain on others as if it were his mission.
  2. No bite to speak of this morning. Evening bite wasn't doing much until it started hailing, the crappie turned on all at once and bit steady the rest of the ...more day

    White Crappie with a Zuma jig

  3. 4/23/20 They waited till the hail started but they came on on Ellsworth. The spawning bed bite n heavy brush was good to me again !

  4. Them slabs had lockjaw this mornin went back this evening n when it started hailing on ellswoth about 4 it started hailing slabs. I was literally jigging in the ...more hail n they turned on right n the middle of the storm n didn't quit till bout a hour b4 dark

  5. 6 ft vertical jigging in brush on bed

    White Crappie with a Southern Pro Lit'l Hustlers pink and white tube 16th oz jig

  6. Vertical jigging on beds

    White Crappie with a Jig

  7. Slabs on my home lake are averaging more this year go Ellsworth, 4-21-2020. Already becoming a norm

  8. Males r hard at work making beds

  9. Lawton, ok.

    3 lb. 5 oz. White Crappie with a Southern Pro Pro Series Hustlers

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I love jigging for slabs!!

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  • Waterway Lake Ellsworth
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