1. Small flathead this morning

    Flathead Catfish

    1. Mason Young 0
      nice. well those work well on musky and everything. keep reelin em in,.:)
    2. Cut bait -- bluegill
    3. Mason Young 0
      nice job what did u catch him on?
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  2. Large bass while targeting catfish

    Largemouth Bass

  3. Another large catfish on Mountain Island Lake

    Blue Catfish

    1. Michael Simpson 0
      Cut bait for this one, but raw chicken breast works well also.
    2. Joe Gentilcore 0
      nice fish what do you use for bait?
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  4. Fun size

    Blue Catfish

    1. Will Kilburn 0
      That one had to be a load of fun from the yak!
  5. Another nice cat on Mtn Island Lake this morning

  6. Large Blue Cat caught today using raw chicken breast

    Blue Catfish

    1. Michael Simpson 0
      Carolina rig with 12 - 18 inch leader
    2. Marcus Ellington 0
      how are you fishing the bait? On the bottom?
    3. T Sen 0
      i bet that was an interesting ride. i catch a lot of channel cats while bluegill fishing in my kayak. 25 inch channel, light rod, and a 10 foot kayak in a handful....😂
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