1. Black Drum with a live bait

    1. Dave Cook 0
      I live in Edgewater Florida. We catch black drum also and large Red drum. Monster black drum are coming soon for us up to 80lbs. They like to stack up at Haulover ...more canal which is close to Mosquito lagoon. Nice fish buddy!! Hope to post a drum like that soon.
    2. Dave Powers 0
      Also, brothers coming down in spring, where and what can I catch in river and is live bait ok, thx
    3. Dave Powers 0
      Nice catch

      Just recently moved to Coast of Mississippi and bought a 90 hp, 20 ft pontoon and on the Jourdan River behind Hollywood casino. Are you catching the ...more drum in the bay our river?. Was told pontoon should stay on the Jourdan because of not made for bay.
    4. malakai wind 0
      solid fish nice catch
    5. Christopher Pereira 0
      nice drum dude congrats
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