1. Black Drum w/live shrimp and popping cork; Trinity Bay.

  2. Minus getting caught in a downpour, it was a good 2 hour run in West Bay.

    1. Karl Carpenter 0
      nice haul for a couple hours.
  3. 24" slot red in West Bay.

  4. Striped Bass with a River2Sea Whopper Plopper

    1. Jay Goodson 0
      No, 2 weeks ago, mostly early morning topwater.
    2. Ben Robinson 0
      Wow. Were those caught today? This morning?
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  5. 8 lb. Sheepshead with a Shrimp

  6. Good Spanish Mackerel day at Port A.

  7. 16.0 in. Gulf Flounder with a Red Mud Minnow