1. Here’s the 11/24/19 haul🥳

    Striped Bass with a live shad

    1. Donnie whitehurst 0
      we have a slot limit here in Virginia on striped bass
    2. Gray Crigger 0
      Unless you are really having trouble feeding your family, throw some of those damn fish back. There is a striped bass stock emergency going on rn (uh, read the news ...more or something). We need striped bass to reach breeding maturity so much more than you need to freeze some 22inch rockfish for May. We get it dude, the striper were stacked up for you. Tape pics, eat one, give one to each friend, and then throw em back. This isn't even an engaging or appealing picture. Ya'll are the type fisherman that also fancies himself a pigeon hunter. I bet you have a billion photos of you and a buddy holding a bunch of dead birds upside down by their gross ass feet. Oh and there is always a 4-wheeler and/or rusty ass truck) in-frame in the pics. Just be a reasonable human.
    3. Nolan C. Knight 0
      Seems like a lot of fish, how many in party?
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  2. What baits are they hitting? Where?

  3. Big fight in em😁

    4 lb. 3 oz. 30 in. Striped Bass with a live shad

    1. Jeff Ultican 0
      love to c kids fishing 🎣
  4. Great fight,too!

    5 lb. 15 in. Striped Bass