1. 220 ft of water, jig on medium spinning gear.

    Halibut with a cheap jig from ocean state store as seen in foto

  2. 48 inches. probably 40 lb or more. trolled a soft squid popper behind a sailboat, going about 8 kt.

    Greater Amberjack with a 12 in, plastic squid, multicolor

    1. Larry Abrams 0
      d'oh! the program cropped the fish out!
    2. Larry Abrams 0
      caught off south carolina, november
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  3. about 16 ft, near rock pile, thought i snagged a log.

    Largemouth Bass with a sugarstick craw

    1. Robert Muckian 0
      it's all good. just seen activity today. Happy Holidays!
    2. Larry Abrams 0
      if i could edit the date and location, it would say 78 degrees!
    3. Robert Muckian 0
      Its 23 degrees out. Aren't you cold in shorts?
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  4. blue and white swimming senko with a 1/8 oz bullet weight. that lure has both light and dark parts plus it can paddle or rest on bottom. very versatile. kayak is ...more essential;

    Largemouth Bass with a plastic paddletail senko

  5. caught right near bank in grass with a senko

    lmb with a plastic worm

    1. Larry Abrams 0
      on the Hudson River and tributaries, i use an orange and brown senko.