1. Incoming tide. Not a snook 😡

    20 in. Spanish Mackerel with a Yo-Zuri Crystal 3D Minnows

  2. Incoming tide, overcast day

    17 in. Southern Flounder with a live mullet

  3. Trolling in the kayak

    13 in. Red Drum with a Bomber Long A Lures

  4. Details: 26 in. Snook with a Live Mullet

    Used live mullet on the bottom during the outgoing tide. One 26” and one 20” snook. The mullet were not thick but there was a lot of greenbacks present that trout ...more and snook were hitting

  5. Details: 17 in. Southern Flounder with a Live Mullet

    Caught a 14” and 17” flounder on live mullet in 2’ of water. Outgoing tide