1. Bite has been nearly nonexistent all summer. Had hoped it would have picked with water temps dropping 10 degrees but no such luck

    Channel Catfish

    1. Nice one.
  2. Ole circle hook gave him a bloody lip

    9 lb. 15 oz. Channel Catfish

  3. Water was waaaaay down and fish were scattered. Better half did manage to get what I call a Calico Flathead

    Flathead Catfish

    1. Yes
    2. J Rob 0
      Is that the only one you have caught like that?
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  4. Lost a PB fish on cut bait, took me under a log, but at least I got the conciliation prize....until next time!

    10 lb. Channel Catfish

  5. My biggest bream ever....

    1 lb. 8 oz. 12 in. Bluegill

    1. Mike A. 0
      That IS a dandy!
  6. Catfish are spawning and they were biting today!

    Channel Catfish

  7. Friend took the pick & cut off my head!

    11 lb. 8 oz. Blue Catfish

    1. Ralph Justice 0