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    marina with diesel fuel and rec 90 gas

  2. had a good day out on the reef. we set up 2 chum blocks and feed the oats to them. we waited about 30 minutes until they were in a feeding frenzy before we fished. ...more as fast as you could put your bait in the water, you had a fish. a lot of yellowtails, porgy's, and cero mackaral. a great trip thanks to something catchy charters.

    18.0 in. Yellowtail Snapper with a cut bait on a jig

  3. 4 lb. 23.0 in. Steelhead with a challenger jointed

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      Very good day trolling for steelhead. Boated 12 for 22 bites. We gotta get better than that for the tournament next weekend. We are having a two day tournament for ...more steelhead, trolling only, put on by the EPSFA. I can't say what was working the best. I will say that jointed lures were working way better than 3" stick baits. Spoons didn't help much either. Water temp was 61 on the east side of the mouth and 63 on the west side. Water was dirty coming from the creek and off the beach from waves. Troll just outside of the dirty water and you'll do fine.
  4. good day. got our 24 pretty quick today. a little rough in the morning, but ok. 7 color stealthcore with bagleys and 3 ounces of weight. 5 colors of stealthcore ...more and extra deep bay rats, with 4 ounces of weight. dipsy divers on 1.5 out 190. fishing down at 55 to 60 feet over 80 feet of water.

    6 lb. 25.0 in. Walleye with a Bagley Balsa Minnows

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      Just trying to help. Thanks
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      Great info!! I like when guys say what they’re using, rather than not. That’s a true sportsman. Anyone else is kidding themselves.
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  5. 25.0 in. Walleye with a Bagley Balsa Minnows

  6. 9/15/20: Shitved the stuffed moose and trusty side kick turtle had been all around the world and we were honored to have them aboard the Nemesis this morning. His ...more handler Joe brought a great group of guys aboard to join in on the non stop action (Brian, Chuck, Matt, Jon). Once again we used our Raymarine Axiom to scan while running out to make sure we setup on fish. After the blow we probed the water with Fish Hawk Electronics to see if temps had changed. Top to bottom was 68 to 71 degrees. We dropped our Traxstech Corporation riggers down to 60' and before I could send out another rod we had a fish on! From there non stop action all morning. Fish were a little deeper than previous outings our FishUSA stealthcore tipped with Bagley Baits on 7 cores and Bay Rat Lures LXDs on 5 cores earned their keep today. 34 eyes and a nice steelhead made it to the net today. The processed fish made for a nice meat bucket reward!

    Walleye with a Bagley Balsa Minnows

  7. 9-12-2020 Went out of Conneaut harbor today with some friends for something different. Took a long ride today, 49.1 miles total. The fish where supposed to be stacked ...more up out at the 15 north line. We motored out to the 11 line and started trolling north. We had a good steady day of picking, and at times, had most of our lines out of the water because fish were coming in. We were out amongst the freighters for sure today, but never made it past the 15 line. A good day as we boxed our 24, but a long trip for sure.

    Walleye with a Bomber Deep Long A Lures

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      Larger baits, find 58 to 60 degree water near bottom and fish that. I use a fish hawk x4d probe to find the best Temps. The raymarine axiom chirp sonar is the best ...more to find fish near bottom and separate them from the bottom. They can also be suspended in the water column, if that's the case it just takes putting in a lot of hours of work and some luck finding the right school of fish.
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      how do you catch em over 10lbs there? seems like i cant break the 10lb mark
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  8. 9/3 to 9/6/20: fished Oak Orchard NY for staging kings the last 4 days in the 2 day Big Boys tournament and 1 day King of the Oak tournament for salmon.

    Fishing ...more over the past several days for mature kings out of the Oak can be summed up as a GRIND bite. Team Nemesis (TJ, Manny, Eric) put in long days fishing 120 fow to 150 fow for a handful of screaming drag bites each day. Diabolical Sportfishing custom meat rigs trolled behind Bay Rat Lures echip paddles and Team Dreamweaver spin doctors parked near the bottom on our Traxstech Corporation riggers and dreamweaver mag divers took most of our big kings.

    Tournament summary

    Day 1: water changing from our prefishing days and odd looking fish finder screens had us scrambling to make decisions on what to change to adjust. Our Fish Hawk Electronics probe had 71 degrees on the top and 70 degrees on the bottom in 120 fow. We moved out slightly to find some colder water near the bottom, bait and the occasional hook. We beat up that contour for 3 mature bites, a short king and a couple of lakers on day 1. We managed to boat 2 matures of 20 and 22#s. The field struggled to get salmon and our box would have been good for 3rd place on day 1. 100 yards from the pier heads our engine shuts off! We miss weigh in and get 0 points for the day 😥. Luckily we have TJ (MacGyver) on board to figure out that it was a bad ground and temporarily created a new ground to get the fuel pump going again.

    Day 2: Still some hope for us with day 2 Calcutta and the 1 day King of the Oak tournament. We were one of the few boats that traveled east out of Port. No bites in the first 2 hours lead us to go further east into uncharted waters following our bait, temps and occasional hook on our Furuno Marine Electronics fish finder. We strung together a few bites in a 1/4 mile stretch and continued to pound this area with our arsenal. We had ample opportunity to boat our mature Chinook salmon, but getting them to stick was a different story. At the end of the day we had 4 matures come to the back of the boat, 3 in the net, 1 into the prop 😭. 10 screamer bites but couldn't get most of them to stick. Our 3 kings weighed 56.1#s, good enough for the King of the Oak win and the 3rd place Calcutta in the Big Boys tournament.

    Congrats to Crazy Yankee Sportfishing on the Big Boy win and thanks to all that were involved in making these tournaments happen.

    One more tournament Erie Pennsylvania Sport Fishing Association- EPSFA fall trout challenge October 16 & 17 to defend the trout cup... Are you game?


  9. 9-6-2020 First day in Lake Ontario for the Oak Orchard Big Boys Salmon Tournament. Had to bring the small boat out of the barn.

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      holy cow that's big!
  10. 8/30/20: Waited till noon for the waves to subside. Motored out scanning the depths with our Raymarine Axiom, was going to set up deeper, but there were better marks ...more shallower than we've been fishing the last trip we were out. Setup on some good marks and it was game on! Kyle, Kelly, Pat and Janet put the sticks to the fish today boating 28 eyes and 1 steelie in short order. Lighthouse to condos 57 to 65 fow... Get some!

    Traxstech Corporation
    Bagley Baits
    Team Dreamweaver

    Walleye with a Bagley Balsa Minnows


My name is Terry TJ Kremer. I am a Raymarine Pro Ambassador located in Lake City, PA I Fish walleye, steelhead, and salmon tournaments under ...more "nemesis sport fishing" we are on facebook Raymarine certified installer since 1999. I promote raymarine electronics and advise people on the selection and use of raymarine equipment. I demo new equipment on my boat for people with questions and taylor a raymarine equipment package for their specific needs and boat. On board of directors at Erie PA Sport Fishing Association. EPSFA.com

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