1. Caught this 15 pound koi out of my local pond. It was very smart which made it difficult to catch because it was very skittish but it eventually took some bread

    1. maverick white 0
      lol you’ve been trying for that for how long now lol
    2. probably
    3. Scott Sorrell 0
      Someones pet...lol
    4. hope everyone is healthy
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  2. Caught this one on a small crappie crankbait that works like a top water. Hiding under the dock. Northmoreland lake

    1. Not the biggest fish but still was tough to get out from under the dock
  3. Caught this one on a small crappie crank

  4. First bass I ever caught. Pretty special catch

    1. maverick white 0
      lol rick mine was like 3-4 years ago
    2. Rick S 0
      Congrats in your 1st.. I remember mine like it yesterday..except it was 52yrs ago
    3. maverick white 0
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  5. Caught this nice one on a black and blue senko worm

    1. maverick white 0
      nice catch bray