1. He did get the prize catch. Had one to the boat, two strikes and a fight plus this guy in the boat. He's a small muskie, hope to catch him next year! This is ...more what we come out here for.
    Lac Vieux Desert Sunrise Lodge.

  2. See you have to push it towards the camera so it looks bigger and don't wrap your meat claws around it. Like this!

  3. Hey Dad got one! And we ate him for dinner that night. He was delicious! Someone teach that guy how to hold a fish.

  4. And that's my brothers catch. What a doozy!

  5. Catching em in style. Look at the size of that spiner!

  6. Northern lots of them! Dad didn't catch one that day.

  7. 12 in Perch! Lac Vieux Desert fishing trip last weekend. This is just the start.

  8. Just when I thought this water had no fish.

  9. Nice bass for the day!

  10. Not my finest moment but this pond was filled with action. Almost every cast had a smallmouth on the line. The biggest was about 8". Fun time!