1. Susquehanna River 75 bass in a couple hours. Great action. No monsters but solid fish.

    Smallmouth Bass with a Topwater

    1. Rick S 0
      Thats incredible action!
  2. Wade fishing the Susquehanna River near Tunkhannock caught my first river hybrid striper. Two of us caught 94 smallmouth bass as well. Had lure imbedded in my hand ...more second time in three weeks (only 5 times in my life). New boat is in Pennsylvania and fish finders are getting installed.

    Hybrid Striped Bass with a Whopper Blopper

    1. Rick S 0
      Awesome day!!
  3. Doing some bank fishing catching a bunch of nice solid fish. Will hopefully have my new Nitro ZV-21 in the next week or two. Looking forward to getting back on the ...more water .

    Largemouth Bass with a Creature Bait

    1. nice๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
  4. My 150 hp Mercury has been in the shop so Iโ€™m back to kayak fishing. Have hit a bunch of smaller lakes within an hour of my house. Lake Carey is an amazing fishery. ...more Two trips landed 84 bass about 90% smallmouth bass. Talked to a number of fishermen there not catching fish, if you are a weekend warrior I recommend watching fishing shows and reading fishing magazines. Try to find a friend who knows how to catch them. Iโ€™m always willing to share advice on the water. If you only catch one or two fish a day do your homework and you will enjoy a greater level of success. I usually get on the water between 0450-0530. The earlier the better. Best of luck!

    Largemouth Bass with a creature bait

    1. Peter Oteri 0
    2. Peter Oteri 0
      Nice work! Text me if you can 215-485-7875.
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  5. Two bass on one cast. Caught 25 bass to include 9 hybrid stripers in three hours on a rainy evening at Lake Wallenpaupack .

    Smallmouth Bass

    1. Tim Crowley 0
      Love catching two at a time on one lure. First time this year .
    2. John Scalera 0
      Holy cows.
    3. Rick S 0
    4. Len Boss 0
    5. Nice bookends Tim๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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  6. My largest Lake Wallenpaupack trout ever! Very fat and healthy. Caught on Rapala. Approximately eight pounds- released fish didnโ€™t want to put on a scale. Bass are ...more a much tougher fish that can withstand extra handling .

    25 in. Brown Trout

    1. Tim Crowley 0
      Fishidy is a fun way to share fishing success with fellow fishermen. We enjoy seeing each otherโ€™s time on the water pay off. I would suggest that you never make ...more a comment like that again. Do you open your mouth to everyoneโ€™s pictures of fish on the ground, docks, boats, stringers, kitchen table.... Shut your mouth! I will be happy to stop by your dock since we fish the same lake and you can try to grab me by the lungs. Donโ€™t comment on my fish again. Find someplace else to hug a tree. Luckily I waited awhile to post a response or you wouldnโ€™t have liked it.
    2. Rob Muller 0
      Here's a good article. Not busting on you, just trying to educate the masses: https://therockyriver.com/get-your-fingers-out-of-my-face-holding-fish-by-the-gills/
    3. Rob Muller 0
      Nice fish Tim. Try keeping your fingers/hands out of the gills. You can kill the fish handling them like that...especially trout. It's like me grabbing you ...more by the lungs and holding you up.
    4. John Scalera 0
      Wow, that's a serious fish. Nicely done Tim.
    5. Yes 100% a brown trout. When they live in a lake they usually turn silver like this one. In a river they are brown orange yellow etc
    6. Tim Crowley 0
      Funny how different colored river brown trout are, they actually look brown and have the nice red spots. Thank you.
    7. Rick S 0
      Brown Trout
    8. David Stevens 0
      you the man Tim, nice fish
    9. Tim Crowley 0
      Whatโ€™s the vote I thought it was a brown trout then several fishermen convinced me it is a rainbow trout? Iโ€™m a bass fisherman who catches a little of everything.
    10. thomas l 0
      Very nice, can't wait to get out there in a few weeks. Thanks for sharing!
    11. Nice brown brother!
    12. Gary Steadman 0
      Awesome fish!
    13. Rick S 0
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  7. 40 degrees, rain, horrible weather. Finally moved my boat to dock at Lake Wallenpaupack. This was the first fish I caught this year on my home lake. Great way to ...more started topped it off with a handful of smallmouth bass.

    27 in. American Pickerel with a jerkbait

    1. thomas l 0
    2. John Scalera 0
      Nice Fish Tim. That's a beast.
    3. Monster pickerel!
    4. Bob Campbell 0
      What a beautiful fish ! Thanks for your updates on my favorite Lake !
    5. karen eichman 0
      nicee!! great day
    6. Nice Pickerel
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  8. Got up at 0340 was 32 degrees with 15 mph winds (took off layers for photo). We had an awesome day catching 54 bass about 80% smallmouth with 8 over four pounds. ...more Some big Northeast Pennsylvania fish.

    Largemouth Bass with a Keitech Swing Impact

    1. John Scalera 0
      That's a helluva day. Congrats
    2. That one has a huge gut on it
    3. Rick S 0
    4. Pete Lyden 0
      chubby bass congrats
    5. Nice Hawg Tim๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
    6. Rick Carey 0
      awesome bass..live in Ohio dam weather..thanks for your service I'm ex military also..looks like you found a great lake bud..take care an be safe..
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  9. Fishing partner destroyed my trolling motor about three weeks ago and Minn Kota factory has been closed due to virus. Picking up motor tomorrow will be back in 21โ€™ ...more fishing boat on bigger waters. Was stuck on bank and in kayak, which I normally enjoy but have had 10-20 mph winds daily for weeks. Catching bass at Fordโ€™s Pond.

    18 in. Largemouth Bass

    1. John Scalera 0
      Nicely done Tim. Healthy looking fish.
  10. Lackawanna River tributary awesome fight in small water. Beautiful markings! Felt like a fall fishing trip with snow on the ground here yesterday .

    20 in. Smallmouth Bass with a Keitech Swing Impact

    1. Beautiful fish Tim
    2. Tim Crowley 0
      looks like it could be one of your nice TN bass
    3. Kyle Wilmoth 0
      Awesome colors.
    4. Shawn Jordan 0
      that is one nice smallmouth Tim great catch !!!
    5. John Scalera 0
      That's a beast. Great job!
    6. Amazing fish and awesome looking spot!
    7. congrats on the nice smallie
    8. Lennie Miller 0
    9. Tim Crowley 0
      Best medicine to prevent the virus- go fishing.
    10. Great lookin Smallie Tim
    11. Robert Coleman 0
      Awesome markings! Great Smallie!๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป
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Keep fishing boat on Lake Wallenpaupack. Retired military and law enforcement. Fishing is my fulltime job now!

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