1. Smallest fish I ever caught with a rod, Juvenile Fallfish got the maggot imitation before the Adults did

  2. Details: Patuxent River Bridge

    A great place for flyfishing, rainbow trout, and chubs

  3. Details: Hallowell Lake

    It's a fairly large man made lake with lots of bass, sunfish, and carp

    1. George Howes 0
      Where is Brinkwood pond
  4. Details: Brinkwood pond MD

    Its a small pond with lots of sunfish and smallmouth bass

    1. George Howes 0
      Did you mean small Portsmouth bass??? I'd be surprised to find shallots in a pond in this area.
      Curious George
  5. I was traveling down the river near an area with fast water catching minnows with my net, when I looked into the net and saw a male tessellated darter.

    4 in. Tessellated Darter

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I live in the dmv and have been fishing since I was a toddler. My favorite place to fish is the Patuxent river and Tridelphia reservoir.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Yellow Bullhead Catfish
  • Waterway Patuxent River
  • Lure Trout Magnet Lures