1. Scott Fisher - Over Cast 5-10 mph wind

    6 lb. 13 oz. Largemouth Bass with a Gary Yamamoto Original Senko Worms

    1. Braden Box 0
      probably more than 6 maybe 8
    2. Ruben-R. Tello 0
      Would know to know any good place on the lake to take family to do some bank fishing?
    3. Scott Fisher 0
      Stitching it with a small split shot about 8 inches above the hook. They were really finicky that day. We caught 21 that day, but couldn't get them to hit anything ...more else. I was driving my buddy nuts for a while because he was fishing lizards/worms with a heavier slip sinker and couldn't get a bite.
    4. steve boucher 0
      Nice bass. How were you fishing the senko?
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  2. Scott Fisher 6.13 lbs. Biggest of the day. 22 fish total, Friday 1 hour of fishing, Saturday all day.

    1. Ted Polanowski 0
      Looks like a wacky rigged senko????