1. Just finished painting this custom frog lure, I think it will catch a bass, I hope 🤞

  2. First bass of the year on a yellow crank bait .

  3. I can custom paint any crank bait to your liking. If interested email me at Cameron.Collett@williams.com and I will paint and build it for you. Price is $9.99 with ...more free shipping. These are all one of a kind lures. The price barely covers the lure paint and shipping, I just paint these for a hobby. This gives you a chance to have the lure made with the colors and pattern that you like. If you want to see the other lures I’m selling go to EBay and type Bass lure/Silver Fin / custom crankbaits.

  4. Fishing in the big rain storm today best fishing day I’ve had in along time.

  5. Blue Cat Chatahoochee


Been fishing my whole life, just love to be on the lake and catch big fish. My new target is to land a Striper Bass in the 20lb range hopefully.