1. tossing crayfish on to the bank from my kayak just plopping it in to the water about 1/2 foot deep

    14 in. Largemouth Bass with a Umpqua Dead Drift Crayfish - 2 Pack

    1. Aldo Rosado 0
      From the looks of her tail she has been fanning a Den. Bass will move frequently because as they continue to grow they have to re-fan a new Den which is there home. ...more Yes, Bass have homes they don't just stop swimming and be still in the water all night in the open. They go home to the Dens. And will lay there silently unfortunately even 14 lb. Bass do this and fall prey to Snapping Turtles while they sleep./ A snapping Turtle will sneak up on a bass while she sleeps. In other words she is lethargic like in the Winter time and take a chunk off her tail where the vein is and the bass will bleed to death. The Turtle will follow the blood trail to the Bass and have her four score meal. Because larger Bass are easy prey to Snapping Turtles than the smaller Bass we lose Lunkers to Snappers every year. It's so sad.