1. This fish was caught on a half ounce rattle trap

    Hybrid Bass

  2. It's all the way live...their running

  3. This is my second 14.0 lb Largemouth Bass caught.

  4. Here's my very first precious 14.1 lb. largemouth

  5. I know what your thinking. Please tell us a secret. Okay, here's a secret. Bass love a 1/2 oz. Bill Lewis Rattle Trap I purchased a bottle of Purple Nail Polish ...more and painted my entire lure hooks also. (Remember a lure is only as good as its' master)

  6. The reason I turned out so great as a Pro Angler is because I love the hell out of it. I quit work just to fish full time and got paid to do it every week.

  7. I pulled a 13.5 lb Largemouth the very next day.

  8. Sentimental Moments

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Retired USAF, Air Traffic Controller, and Pro Bass Angler. Life is what you make it out to be so be the best at it.

Fishing Favorites

  • Species Hyrbids, Largemouths, Crappie, Catfish, Bream and Shellcracker
  • Waterway Riverwalk, Columbus, Georgia, Fort Benning Lakes, OPonds, Streams, Creeks
  • Lure Sassy Shad, Mitzugiwa 8", Rat-l-Trap, Rattlin Rapala

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