1. A lot of anglers do not concentrate on aggregating bass. They like to aggregate primarily in October and mid January when it begins to get a good cold snap like ...more around October 16-31 or January 3-12 It has to be cold otherwise they will not aggregate. You can can hook into some nice ones. Big and little Crappie Aggregate with the bass in early January and I this behavior very interesting for my studies. When the Bass are hitting my Crankbait hard, but they don't bother the baby Crappie because it;s a lake meeting go figure it out. because they show up every year same time same place.

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      What happened to the 5 Bass limit?
  2. This Catfish was caught on a 1/2 Bill Lewis Rattle Trap This Flathead Catfish was obviously hungry.

  3. This Rattle Trap was painted with purple Nail Polish and it is so effective I would never use another lure again...it's very powerful

    Fort Benning Kings Pond with a Bill Lewis 1/2 Rattle Trap

  4. You can't miss my house my Bass swallows mail.

  5. When you can go to a lake that you have not fished in 7 years and pull out 16 lbs of bass for a 5 Bass creel limit in 60 minutes. I have not lost my touch at all.

  6. Fishing off the Jetty's in 50 ft of water dead on the bottom that;s where they were. None of them were keepers all too big and had to be released.

    Red (redfish) Drum with a Cigar Minnow

  7. It's the little things that count and I appreciate those little things because learning the little ones taught me how to get bigger ones.

  8. 27 lb. Blue Catfish. I got lucky when I caught her. I was not fishing for her I was fishing for Bass, but she came along and loved my Rattle Trap. That's why ...more I love fishing you never know what your gonna catch no matter what lure you use.

  9. Flat Rock Park ,Columbus, Georgia, 8:00 AM, Bill Lewis 1/2 oz. Rattle Trap Painted totally with Purple nail polish. Bass love that color.

  10. I will be live on the LKM Show on youtube July 1st. 8:00 am. This is going to be a huge night to discuss how I got involved with Bass fishing and the tragic accident ...more I had that ended my bass career for an injury that was permanent. I lost $200,000.00 If you get a chance to watch it you can first hand what happened to my career. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LKUjf-siPk

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Hi, my father was a Pro Bass Angler and he got me started and forked out lots of cash for my training which took 8 long years. Once I was ready ...more to join the Pro Tour I wanted to win one more local Tournament to make it five in a row and I had an accident. A catastrophic severely torn rotator cuff and my Pro Bass career came to a screeching hault. I lost over 175K and had to sale my new Triton boat. I was unable to fish and cast for over a year. and then gradually I was able to start again, but not professionally.; It's a sad story,That's why nobody in the U.S knew who I was. You know now (smiles) What makes my story have a happy ending is my Disability Award claim was paid because I had a back problem. So do or die I still got paid for my hard work effort and now I came on Fishidy to just help others.

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  • Species Hyrbids, Largemouths, Crappie, Catfish, Bream and Shellcracker
  • Waterway Riverwalk, Columbus, Georgia, Fort Benning Lakes, OPonds, Streams, Creeks
  • Lure Sassy Shad, Mitzugiwa 8", Rat-l-Trap, Rattlin Rapala

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