1. It's all the way live...their running

  2. Hi, I'm Aldo Rosado a retired Pro Bass Angler and here's is one of the greatest tips I can give. I won 3 Tournaments with this lure only. How easier do ...more you want it?

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      and how much water do you put in
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      k that's not quite what I had in mind when I asked that question but ok that works too. I meant how do you reel and do you like use jerk and go method or what
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      The Lectic Gold Rattle Trap has a unique way of changing. If you drill a hole on top with a small tiny bit and put water in it to fill the bottom just about an ...more eye dropper full. Seal the hole with epoxy. The water and bb's will dissolve the gold film inside this trap and it will turn into a Blue Moon color and the gold turns to glitter. The bass literally go after this like no tomorrow and it took me many years to learn this. I don't like giving away secrets, but I will share a few.
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      how do you maximize the likely hood of it being able to catch something as in how to you real and do you jerk it
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      It's called Electic Gold by Bill Lewis 1/2 oz. This baby is deadly
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      whats it called
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      Walmart sales this lure and Amazon online
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      where could i get one of these
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  3. The Lure is only as good as its' master

  4. The year is 1996 and my training began. My pops said he wanted me to produce at least 20 lbs of fish every day for a 5 Creel count.; The pressure was massive on ...more me but I delivered on time, but some days, hey I just could not get 20 lbs I damn sure tried, but I got better over the years. My personal best was 42 lbs. 5 Bass.

  5. It's all about love. I love it more than a woman. I love fishing. My father said that's all I wanted to do when he introduced me to it at the age of 4.

  6. Not Everybody gets a shot at the Pro Tour. Ray Scott President of the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society personally told me to get on the Pro Tour after he seen my ...more fish in a letter he wrote me.. I never got on the Pro Tour. I tore my rotator cuff wide open. It doesn't really matter, but I lost over $175K in training thru all the years only to have an accident and lose it all. was painful; Tiger Woods personally read my story on Google and commented back to me on his web page on Twitter. he said it was a sad story.

  7. I always, always tie my knots before fishing a new day. make it a habit so that you don't lose fish you, land them.

  8. Every fish has a story.

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My first fish caught was at the age of 4. Water is my life and I like the life in the water no matter what it is and that is all it took for ...more me to fish as much as I have that it had become an obsession and led to a professional career until my accident. I did not get to fish one time on the Pro Tour. I suffered a severely torn rotator cuff. I had never lost a Tournament or fishing derby since I was a teenager. I retired undefeated.

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  • Species Hyrbids, Largemouths, Crappie, Catfish, Bream and Shellcracker
  • Waterway Riverwalk, Columbus, Georgia, Fort Benning Lakes, OPonds, Streams, Creeks
  • Lure Sassy Shad, Mitzugiwa 8", Rat-l-Trap, Rattlin Rapala

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