1. Largemouth Bass

    1. parker wilhoit 0
      well I'm done trying!!! this is b.s
    2. parker wilhoit 0
      it wont let me post new pics??? wth!!! sorry but dang y is it so hard to post new poll pics/catches???
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  2. Largemouth Bass

    1. Jerry Parsley 0
      Great catch Parker...keep on casting!
    2. parker wilhoit 0
      Haha ....thanks...I'm new to percy tho and ready for these smallies to come up!! ready to hit the Cumberland as well!!
    3. Joshua Meyer 0
      Lol. They are fun! But seems like you're doing just fine with the largies.
    4. parker wilhoit 0
      need those smallies
    5. Joshua Meyer 0
      Nice catch buddy!
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  3. Largemouth Bass

    1. parker wilhoit 0
      if u wanna go ever let me no...being serious ...I'd say we kick it off just fine and catch some big ones in the process!! till then..dont catch em all!!🤣
    2. parker wilhoit 0
      I'm jokin man but on real note it wont post or whatever but like every now and then
    3. Seth Buttram 0
    4. Seth Buttram 0
      I was just asking bro
    5. parker wilhoit 0
      lol yea ...not sure dont believe so tho....went last week caught 8...its hard as hell to post something on here half of them dont post...here I'm being nice ...more offering to go and u talk shit!! lol we will see who the champ is by summer end!!💪🤑🤣🤣
    6. Seth Buttram 0
      Isn't that the same picture from April 21st that you posted ? Looks like the same fish!!??
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  4. Blueback Herring

    1. parker wilhoit 0
      yea I know about the herring....just new to the waters around here....thanks for the info
    2. Christoher Stewart 0
      That's a skipjack herring. Best places for smallmouth around here are the smaller rivers, Creeks and Percy Priest. They're in the Cumberland river too but ...more harder to Target
    3. Willy Fresh 0
      oh lol I can't help ya there , I am in wV
    4. parker wilhoit 0
    5. Willy Fresh 0
      what state are u in?
    6. parker wilhoit 0
      thank u tho!!! go get em man...best of luck!!! where is the best smallies fishing??
    7. parker wilhoit 0
      lol I know right.....just a huge bait fish...I didnt know those got that big!! Haha and it was a catch not a snag Haha...it was wild haha
    8. Willy Fresh 0
      u call it a herring and I call it bait lol either way it's a nice catch
    9. parker wilhoit 0
      crazy right ... like it was in a Cumberland river channel....I don't no how to work this thing....lol... but yea it still surprised me!! I'm new to all this ...more area!!! I'm ready for some smallies tho... sorry miss lead ya if I did
    10. Jeff Hawkins 0
      Wow! I didn't know there was any of those in Percy Priest.
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  5. Blueback Herring

    1. parker wilhoit 0
      got it sorry... still an awesome catch tho.. very unexpected
  6. Largemouth Bass

    1. parker wilhoit 0
      wow....thank u for the info buddy..will.never hold like that again
    2. parker wilhoit 0
      seems like u know it all so when your ready let's go fishing...I'm ready to learn some new things
    3. parker wilhoit 0
      ok buddy....I held thousands like that and off the go...but thanks for the info!!
    4. Dustin Tyler 0
      You should never hold a bass perpendicular to the ground by just its mouth unless you plan on keeping and eating the fish. That is fatal nearly 100% of the time. ...more Always use two hands if you want a picture of the fish parallel to the ground or they will just die. https://images.app.goo.gl/QWN7v5qR8czkmh4A9
    5. parker wilhoit 0
      sorry....I just try to post the pics and go thru the process quick ...but good job on paying attention ..haha... have blessed day thanks
    6. Dan Hobby 0
      That looks like a spotted bass
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