1. Take them young! He had the best time. Soaking jigs in golf course pond.

  2. Chunkies getting shallow. Swing on em boys and girls

  3. Heating up boys and girls

  4. Did pretty well yesterday at a little East Texas lake. Caught them in 1' water up to 8'. Black and blue seemed to be the trick. And of course the trusty ...more old tomato and green 1.5 square bill.

  5. Ok folks. I've been after it on Lewisville for a year now. I'm a Bass fisherman at heart and would love to be able to catch some on this lake. Store my boat ...more at Pier 121 so been trying to figure this lake out. Hard to target this time of year without any past history of knowledge or catches to fall back on. Anyone have any good tips, creeks, or ways to locate with my humminbird unit? I can always find the sandies and hybrids and have crappie holes all over the lake now. Trade some good spots for some of my good crappie, hybrid holes?

    1. Khalil Matter 0
      Can you take home the fish or catch and release on tha Lewisville lake??any answer!!!thanks
    2. Eric Rooney 0
      214.809.5202 Ericrooney@metrobrick.com
    3. Tom Bax 0
      My spot is a little hard to explain but I can give it to you
    4. Tom Bax 0
      For sure man
    5. Caleb Boisvert 0
      Tom do you think you could help me out I have little knowledge on lake Lewisville and have a tournament soon and I need some good holes for bass on this lake.
    6. Tom Bax 0
      Could I get your phone number or email I could send you some pictures on a map to where I have been catching them in tournaments just recently caught a 6lber
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  6. Details: 1 lb. 1 oz. 11 in. White Bass with a quarter sized white slabs

    1. Jerry Parsley 0
      Nice catch Eric!