1. 1 lb. Largemouth Bass with a creme scoundrel

    1. Bruce Fry 0
      Many thanks Jessie. I hope to see you out there soon. Keep an eye out for an old guy in a yellow Hobie kayak!
    2. Jesse Chavez 0
      Bruce ,i was using a senko on 2 of them and 3 inch baby otter on one of them all tx rigged ..... i got on at 3800 w. lawther while waiting on a carp to bite . 1 ...more behond the arbortium , and one just left of the left pier where they rent yaks ... these were actually caught in mid May to early June
    3. Modesto Aceves 0
      I was using a creme scoundrel worm a 6" Inch, and I caught in September
    4. Bruce Fry 0
      Hey Jessie, were you using worms with the larger fish and were those caught in the Spring?
    5. Jesse Chavez 0
      i dont fish w/r as much as when i was self employed but one month about 5 years ago i caught 3 fish between 6 and 7 lbs .... once i weighed a 10 from a friend i ...more was fishing with by the arboritum side . i also lost a solid 8 when he got stuick in the grass ,i was forced to pull it hard to free him and just as i was about to lip her she spit the hook right by my hand . im guessing when i forced it out of the weeds it opened up where the hook went in
    6. Jesse Chavez 0
      was using some big bite worms in watermelon with red glitter texas rigged with a small bullet weight ..the worm is thick and kinda like a senko type worm .
    7. Modesto Aceves 0
      What kind of baits were you using.
    8. Modesto Aceves 0
      What kind of baits were you using.
    9. Jesse Chavez 0
      Modesto , i have been going on break around 1030 in morning , have caught bass 3 days in a row .Monday 1 , Tuesday 2 and today 1 . nothing big but had fun . i been ...more fishing to right of ramp in the grass right there ... probably the same spot your at in picture .
    10. Jesse Chavez 0
      Modesto , the spring time is best for bass fishing at wr imo , look for grass beds abd cast past them and work your worm in thru them and at the edges ... i have ...more been going just to the right of the ramp behind you in the pic during my break and getting a few small ones on senko type worms with a small bullet weight and being tx rigged
    11. Bruce Fry 0
      Large mouth is the only type of bass I am familiar with there. If you are fishing from the bank, I would try up by the Arboretum.

      If fishing from a boat or kayak, ...more try going up White Rock Creek, in the spring especially. You will then have an opportunity to catch bass and crappie. That also gets you into areas not so heavily fished by bank fishermen.

      Tight lines!
    12. Modesto aceves IV 0
      do u know a good spot to catch smallmouth or largemouth bass in white rock Lake.
    13. Modesto aceves IV 0
      yes I had released it back
    14. Bruce Fry 0
      Nice bass! Congratulations!

      Just make sure that’s catch and release so you can catch it again next year when it’s even bigger!
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