1. What about 6"-5'?
    2. Kevin Dube 0
      baraga side near the light house. 6"-5' haha. they roam all over the water column.
    3. I was at 40’. I guess so! I’ll go deeper next time.
    4. jeremy fors 0
      I was right on bottom. yeah i saw you. I would go deeper if you want Lakers.
    5. How far off the bottom? You were a bit deeper than I was. I left my tent out to try again tomorrow
    6. Nice!
    7. jeremy fors 0
      keweenaw bay
    8. jeremy fors 0
      16 inch laker
    9. Mike Knight 0
      where at
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  1. 24 in. Chinook Salmon

  2. 20 in. Splake

    1. jeremy fors 0
      sounds good man! i usually go with my buddy we slay most days
    2. Thanks Jeremy! If you ever want someone to go fishing with hit me up :) I was out today didn't catch anything but the bay had gotten me a few nice fish this ...more year including a 25" walleye.
    3. jeremy fors 0
      lanse side go off the pump house 25ft deep
    4. Hey Jeremy. I was wondering if you'd mind sharing what side of the bay you targeted those on? I've been trying to locate some keep size Splake for weeks ...more now. Any input appreciated thanks!
    5. jeremy fors 0
      30 to 40 ft. great eaters
    6. Paul Jukkala 0
      Good eaters. How deep were you fishing?
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