1. Anyone ice fished Stump Lake yet. I want to go Thursday .

    1. let me know how the ice is if you don’t mind
    2. B A 0
      going 7am on Wednesday
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  2. How much snow did Devils Lake get and can you drive onto the ice with pickup?

    1. Jerry Scott 0
      i highly recommend something with tracks.
  3. Has anyone been ice fishing Stump Lake yet.

  4. How is shore fishing on Devils Lake and Stump Lake.

    1. Kelly Eickenbrock 0
      Did you finally get the boat in the water? I tried to fish yesterday at A Channel but the place was packed with Minnesota license plates.
    2. Kelly Eickenbrock 0
      Was at Devils Lake on Tuesday and Wednesday, caught sbout 20 white bass, no wall ed yes or northerns. There were about 10 other people fishing and everyone was ...more catching white bass. Nobody caught any walleyes or northerns.
    3. Kelly Eickenbrock 0
      I went to stump lake for about 2 hrs on Sunday but didn’t catch anything
      I will be going to devils lake tomorrow and see what I can do.
    4. Kelly Eickenbrock 0
      Thank you for the info. I will be trying it out this weekend.
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