1. Details: shiver minnows

  2. Details: 3.3 miles out from boutell

    20' deep two man limit two hours

  3. Why doesn't it let me specify the weather and weight or size


    1. David Sian 0
      Saginaw bay-10:30 am
    2. Richard Zamora 0
      When did you catch it? And where?
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  4. Details: jumbo perch

    11/12' deep

  5. Details: Melbourne st.

    Walleye holes

  6. Yo

    1. John Sian 0
      really i can see all your spots still
    2. David Sian 0
      Sucks all my spots from last year are gone now
    3. David Sian 0
      Was just seeing if you could see my post
    4. John Sian 0
      yo yo lol
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