1. Any fishable ice yet?

    1. Brian Shotton 0
      Around 6-7 inches right now
    2. Joe Kupfer 0
      We had a large group of Cub Scouts out there last weekend, and there were many others as well. The top layer got a little soft this week but it'll refreeze if ...more it hasn't already. Plus there is still a good 8-10 inches of ice.
    3. Brian Shotton 0
      Is the ice still good now? Last weekend it looked like a huge reunion with 10+ shelters and 30-40 people out on the ice!
    4. CHRISTOPHER Heuer 0
      Thanks Joe!
    5. Joe Kupfer 0
      Most definitely!
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  2. Anyone have an ice report for Busse?

    1. CHRISTOPHER Heuer 0
      Elk Grove Village
    2. Joey Novak 0
      where is Busse Lake
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